Playing catch up!


It has been awhile since I have made a post so I decided to play catch up!! So I have been working out since July and I have managed to maintain my weight but I haven’t lost any which disappoints me,but I have lost inches! I have been taking progress pics every 2 months and there is defiantly change which is super exciting to see! There is defiantly change in my face and my body has more shape to it now! I know that I wont be where I need to overnight so I just keep giving it my all. I have been pop free for 13 days which is probably the hardest thing I have done besides staying committed to working out! Also it is a lot easier to say no to junk food and eat healthier food! That about sums it up! 

Day 4


I have been able to get through 3 days without fast food/ or drinking soda or having any caffeine!! Im pretty excited to make it to day 7 since I never have!! My next week goal will be to workout everyday and continue to not eat out or drink soda or caffeine!! =) This 3 days has felt like forever!! I have a trip in 8 days so Im kind of wondering how I will be able to keep the fast food out and continue to workout everyday. No one want to work on their vacation &&&&&&&&&&& we are going to the beach so I defiantly do not want to be stressing over how much I weigh while on vacation. Im pretty sure it Will be a long time before we all get to go back so I want to enjoy myself!!!!!!  

HELLO!!! HELLO!!! Anyone there???


So i noticed its been forever since my last post!!! Life happened and I got way behind in everything, but I am back now and ready to write! First off my weight loss has not gone as planned all because I chose to not follow my own rules and eat healthy, But today is my 1st day of 309 day challenge… So excited to start! She breaks everything down for you including which plan to join, what to eat, and a shopping list! The first 7 days is a detox which is going to be hard for me when I have a family of 6 and they need to eat! When I see food I think I have to eat it, it is a habit I am trying to break!!! I have decided to use this blog for my food journal and progress, and any tips I may come across while on the 30 day challenge!! I hope you guys decide to join in all the fun!! All you have to do is click on the link and join the challenge!! =) 


How to survive your next road trip!!



          The weather is starting to get nice and many of us our busy planning our summer vacations. We have planned for how long the trip will take to what clothes to pack to even what we will be doing once we get to wherever we are going. One thing we tend to forget about is how to maintain eating well while taking long road trips. I have a trip coming up in June and it will take us 14 hours to get there and one thing I am concerned about is what will I eat on the way up there and back home! I know there are many of you out there who wonder the same thing, but think it cannot be  possible to eat clean while being on a road trip and that is why I decided to write a post to share what I have discovered.

First off if you are like me you probably are limited of space. I have a family of six so the car is going to be pretty packed up! Instead of bringing a bulky cooler I will just stack up packages of water bottles my family doesn’t really have a preference if it’s hot or cold. I plan on bringing each of us a small lunch box packed with pre made cut veggies and I might make hard boil eggs for myself.  Since we will be in the car so long it’s hard to pack things that would need refrigerated so I will be stocking up on a lot of snacks that wouldn’t need refrigerated! I few to name would be Annies bunny crackers, granola, almonds, cliff bars, and I have a recipe for blueberry muffins so I will be bringing those along to!

Well now that I have figured out road snacks I suppose I need to make a grocery list of things I will need to buy when I get there! That will be a challenge since there will be so many of us coming but it will get figured out!! I know this post is pretty short but I hope I was able to give you encouragement that there are snacks you can bring and you won’t have to give up all the work you did trying to stay away from the drive thru on your trip!